April Fools’ Day Came 2 Days Late This Year

I vaguely remember the tail end of my dream last night. For some reason, my friend Matt was working for me. Well, working might be too loose of a term. He was actually standing around listening to some talk radio program, which was going on and on about the Gators winning last night’s game.

I kept telling Matt to get back to work, but he absolutely refused. Finally, I dragged him back to my office to write him up (and I literally dragged him… I think by the arm, or maybe in a headlock… those various management techniques run together sometimes). But while I was filling out the paperwork, I couldn’t get the stupid radio (which we had brought with us) to turn off. I couldn’t even turn it down, so I tried to ignore it.

And that actually succeeded for a while. Because I woke up this morning to the sound of my clock radio and realized it had been going off for about an hour. Why my brain constructed such a bizarre scenario to fit around my alarm clock is beyond me. So I jumped out of bed, stumbled around like an inebriated toddler, and then got dressed.

Since I left for work late, traffic was already pretty thick. Now, that poses a problem for me in that the coolant fan that blows on my radiator quit working several months ago. In case you aren’t familiar with the significance of that, your engine produces heat when your car is running. In order to keep it cool, you have a radiator which contains antifreeze and water. Your coolant fan blows on this radiator and creates a breeze that cools your engine.

Now, I was able to go several months without this fan working because as long as I’m driving, the wind blowing against the front of the car tends to take the place of the coolant fan. But when I’m driving slowly, or just idling, I have to really watch my temperature gauge.

To complicate matters, the coolant in my radiator has been getting low. Yesterday, I was in dire need of an oil change, so while that was being taken care of, I asked the mechanics to go ahead and add some antifreeze too. They assured me they had. Those men are liars.

This morning, as I sat in traffic, I watched my temperature gauge steadily climb higher and higher, until I finally had to pull over on the side of the interstate and turn the car off. After it cooled for a few minutes, I cranked it back up and barely made it to the next exit, where a Wal-Mart now resides.

I got some antifreeze, water, blah, blah, blah, and tried driving again. The temp was still high, but didn’t seem too bad. But considering that traffic was still very thick on the northbound side of I-65, I headed back home to get my truck.

When I walked in the door to switch keys, I stood by our counter for a few minutes debating what to do next, because it seemed to me that all the forces of nature were conspiring to keep me at home today.

Now, one like myself, who is prone to the lazy side of the force, might let those things coax him into returning to bed. But see, that doesn’t serve the larger lazy picture. It’s more appealing to a lazy side master to go back to work in a situation like this because 1) I don’t have to stay home and take care of the kids, which is typically more difficult than my current job, 2) I’ve already wasted a good portion of the morning for a valid reason (so my work day is considerably shorter), and 3) it helps me keep a good paying job, which supports my laziness.

So I’m at work… but keep me in your prayers. There’s no telling what else might happen to me today. 🙂 I can already see some possible issues. I plan to cut the grass this afternoon, and I’m also supposed to pick up a faulty chainsaw from a repair shop (it doesn’t take much imagination to see where that could go).


One thought on “April Fools’ Day Came 2 Days Late This Year

  1. Oh Nate! I hate days like that… I had a couple myself last week. Try 4 Ibuprofen and a snickers bar — That usually works for me! Hope things get better…

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