Some General Updates

Ok, quite a lot has gone on since the last time I posted.

Currently, I’m sitting in a cold warehouse approximately 150 miles away from my house. Last time I posted, I talked about the rough way that my day had started. Turns out the rest of it actually went pretty well… it seems fate had decided to give me a bit of reprieve; at least for a few hours.

See, last Wednesday, Jamie, who is one of my drivers in Huntsville (for those of you who don’t know, I supervise the warehousing and delivery functions for a major office supply company in their Birmingham and Huntsville, AL locations) called me over his Nextel. It seems that his truck had caught on fire. Not only had it caught on fire, but it was still on fire. The conversation went something like this:

Jamie: Uh, hey Nate. My truck’s on fire.
Me: [slight pause] Your truck is on fire?
Jamie: Yeah, my truck’s on fire.
Me: Well… use the fire extinguisher!
Jamie: Ok.
–A few excrutiating seconds tick by, which enabled my mind to formulate a thousand blazing scenarios–
Jamie: The fire extinguisher don’t work.
Me: Then get some water from your customer!

Luckily, the customer had a working fire extinguisher and Jamie was able to put out the fire. I won’t bore you with any further details (although the truck is working fine now), just know that somewhere around 7 years of my life were evaporated by that incident. Also, you should know that Jamie had absolutely no inflection in his voice. It was as if he had called me to tell me he needed to urinate. On second thought, he might have spoken with more urgency if he had been telling me that… I was concerned about the fire, but I think I was more concerned about his apathy.

Then, later that afternoon, the other driver in Huntsville (Damian) called to say that he had twisted his ankle and would have to go to the doctor. I hated to hear that, but mostly because it meant I would have to go to Huntsville to run his route. See, this is a real problem, because the only places I knew how to get to in Huntsville were our office and the US Space and Rocket Center (and I only knew that because you can see it from the interstate).

Long story short, it ended up not being as bad as I thought it would be. I guess I’ve run enough routes now, that I was able to figure it out pretty well. I knew I could drive to the addresses just by using a map, but making inside deliveries to hospitals, etc, can be pretty confusing. Still, I figured it out pretty quickly.

I went home for the weekend, but I drove back up early this morning, since Damian still isn’t back. I’m really hoping he can come back to work by Wednesday. We’ll see…


One thought on “Some General Updates

  1. I just want you to know that this post made me laugh so hard that the teller next to me thought I was having a siezure.

    Hope this week goes better for you and that you can go home soon!

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