The Power of the Lazy Side

Recently, Sloth Lord Meh, who has commented on this blog before, sent me some very insightful words on the Power of the lazy side of the Force.

Jabba the Hutt had it made. He spent all his time lying on a platform that could be moved around by his servants. All he did was laugh, eat, and lick slave girls. But all that went away when Luke Skywalker entered his life. Most of you know the back story of Jabba’s and Luke’s relationship, so I won’t go into all that. But what we want to look at is how abandoning the lazy side led to Jabba’s undoing.

I can’t fault Jabba too much for tricking Luke into falling into the rancor den. After all, it seemed like a quick, yet entertaining way to do away with the pesky Jedi. However, once Luke killed the rancor, Jabba stuck him in prison to await a public execution. Bad idea. If he’d just killed Luke on the spot, rather than drive all the way out to the stupid sarlaac pit, he’d be fine.

If you’re gonna go lazy side, go all out… lest you get killed by an over-zealous Jedi.


5 thoughts on “The Power of the Lazy Side

  1. “If you’re gonna go lazy side, go all out…”

    Ok, is it just me, or is that a contradiction? I mean, how does one “go all out” to be lazy? Furthermore, how can you say that Jabba abandoned the Lazy Side? Maybe he just didn’t feel like dealing with Luke at that moment, so he put him off until later. I would have thought that procrastination would be one of the pillars of the Lazy Side. If anything, it was Jabba’s laziness that lead to his downfall….

    Whatcha think ’bout them apples?

  2. Ah, Ryley, Ryley. I will admit that “going all out” does seem to contradict the mantra of the lazy side; however, the phrase “going all out,” in this case, simply means “succumbing,” which requires no effort at all.

    As far as your other point goes, it reminds me of the self-righteous double-talk of all light side do-gooders. Do you fall into that category? Do you seek the path of a Jedi? Well, so be it, Jedi…

    Jabba did indeed abandon the lazy side. Let me reset the scene for you: Jabba’s men had grabbed Luke after he killed the rancor monster. Jabba had to give them instruction. His instruction should have been “Tchadokrabadda Jedi!” which would have been something like “put a cap in his Jedi behind.” But instead, he told his men to put him in prison, and he then devised an elaborate scheme to execute Luke, Han, and Chewie.

    His actions were very unlazy, and they led to his undoing. That’s the lesson one should learn from Jabba the Hutt, the lazy side master who lost his way.

  3. Ah. Thankyou, oh wise master of slothfulness, for correcting me. And while I’m not exactly a student of the Lazy Side anymore, I’m far from being a Jedi. Jedi are cool and all, but they just have too many stinkin’ rules. Besides, my Force powers are strong enough that I don’t really require any training. I make my own path. 🙂

  4. Hmm, a gray Jedi? Now that’s an idea I could get behind. Of course, as a Sloth Master, I have no desire to make any paths at all. Too much work. But I at least harbor a little respect for those who do. Hopefully, you’ll be a little grayer than Jolee Bindo; he talked a good game, but wasn’t much on the follow through.

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