Better Than I Thought

Ok, so we watched the season finale of Gilmore Girls last night, and it really turned out a lot better than I had expected. A lot of people still aren’t happy with it, but considering the thing was filmed before they had even decided to officially can the show, it wasn’t that bad. It tied up a lot of the loose ends, and ended in one of those ways where everybody seems to be doing well, and your imagination gets to do the rest.

Like I said, a lot of the fans aren’t happy, but at least it didn’t end like St. Elsewhere where the whole show ended up being in the head of an autistic child, or like Newhart where the entire thing was the dream of Robert Hartley (Bob Newhart) from the original Bob Newhart Show. Although the series finale of Newhart was hilarious, I don’t guess it would have fit well in Gilmore Girls.

Anybody else catch it?  Or have any other memorable series finales?

(and by the way, to answer the comments from my last post, yes I am completely aware that I am a dork and a pansy. I’m just too lazy to change…)


5 thoughts on “Better Than I Thought

  1. …Or Magnum, PI. I mean, I didn’t watch the GG finale, but I’m assuming that no one died, at least.

    And for the record, I think it’s great that you’re man enough to admit that you like a chick show. I don’t think you’re a pansy at all… A Dork, yes, but a pansy, no.

  2. Thats so sweet, Your little sister sticking up for you doesn’t make you look like a pansy at all… 😉

    Just some ribbin man, I watch a lot of shows with Carly that are geared for the women folk.

  3. I thought the finale was alright; it would have been better as a season ender and not a series. But then maybe I feel more that way due to my disappointment about the show ending at all! I wish we could have had a least one more season just so there would be more closure!

    To Lord Sloth Meh: I was sure you were more mature than to resort to name calling. It’s been my expirence that people who name call and talk negatively about others don’t feel very good about themselves, sound familiar? Besides, Ryley’s right and men can learn some about women from watching shows like this.

    Anyway, for us, it was something enjoyable to do and talk about together. I’m really going to miss Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights! (Nathan had the idea that since we have the first 5 seasons we could just start over…=) Maybe we will.)

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