Schwan’s Strikes Back

My dad just called me and reported that he is currently being followed by a Schwan’s delivery truck.  One had been behind him on the road.  Dad pulled into a parking lot for a business he was going to.  The Schwan’s truck pulled in behind and waited in the parking lot till dad left.  Now he’s following again…

I told you there was some kind of conspiracy here! I can only hope that my blog hasn’t led the monsters to him…  I’ll follow up with an update as soon as I know something.

For more info on Schwan’s, check here and here.


9 thoughts on “Schwan’s Strikes Back

  1. This is getting kinda crazy! A Schwan’s truck got behind me on the interstate this morning, and I thought about your dad!!!! He stayed close but I lost him when I got off at my exit; I’m pretty sure he just couldn’t follow fast enough. Though he did turn and stare at me while I exited. We’re home now and I’m locking all our doors.

  2. I can already hear the conversation with the police…

    “Yes officer, I know I was doing 100 on 65. You see, this Schwan truck…”

  3. Got a follow up from Dad. He’s alive and in a secure location. Watch your backs, everyone. Because of this blog, you could be a target now as well. Lauren’s comment is a great example…

    War could be brewing. I now consider Schwan’s to be part of the Axis of Evil.

  4. What are the chances that Schwan’s has other companies working for them? I don’t remember the name of the company, but I often see dairy delivery trucks, similar to the Schwan’s trucks, in Waterford. Could Schwan just be a parent company to smaller companies that do most of their dirty work?

  5. I don’t know where or when this joke began, but I officially find it hysterical. I was at work today and a Schwan’s truck parked right in front of the store. He sat there for almost 30 minutes. The driver never even got out. Then, I looked up and the driver looked right at me and drove off. I about fell over laughing and found it almost impossible to explain to coworkers.

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