It’s the WEEKEND!

And man, am I ready for it!  It’s been a long week (but a good one) going back and forth between work and school, and I’m ready to relax for a little while.

I probably won’t get to though.

Wes is going to show up at my house tomorrow morning around 5:30 (some of you probably don’t even know what 5:30 am looks like; I wish I didn’t). At that point, my brother Daniel and I will accompany Wes to pick up our friend Matt and head down to Enterprise, AL.

And as a point of interest: you know all the times you’ve tried to plan family vacations that would be both exciting and educational? You know how you always end up going to your second or third place choices (NYC, the Grand Canyon, etc) because you can’t seem to find that one special place that has a statue dedicated to a boll weevil? Well, your search is over. Enterprise is a weevil lover’s dream come true.

Anyway, what’s in Enterprise you ask? Well, aside from a giant metallic boll weevil, Wes’s family is giving me a piano; the only stipulation is that I have to go pick it up. Those of you who know me are probably aware that I’ve been wanting a piano for a long time, so this was quite an opportunity for me. What’s really amazing is that I actually persuaded 3 other non-geriatric people to get up before 6am on a Saturday. They must be masochists.


4 thoughts on “It’s the WEEKEND!

  1. You mean, you’re not going for the Boll Weevil?

    Wow, Nathan. I can see why Wes, Daniel, and Matt would jump at the chance to go with you. I mean, after a long, hard week of work and school, who wouldn’t want to relax over the weekend by moving a 500-pound piece of furniture 200 miles? Boy-oh-boy, you sure know how to have a good time…. By the way, right about the time you guys will be loading up that piano, I’ll be heading to the beach. Muwahahahaha!

  2. So how did the move go? Can you play the piano? Even though I can’t play the piano (well, until Piano Hero comes out) I’ve always thought it would be cool to have one. Perhaps I can still learn, though they say it is really hard for adults to learn something like that.

  3. Well, I can play a little. I really just taught myself the chords since I already knew how to play guitar. I’m not very good at piano, but I’m passable at playing chords, and there are several songs I can play just using those.

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