Note to Self…

Lately, and I’ve gotta thank Guy for turning me on to this (he wrote an article about it recently), I’ve really gotten into a habit of jotting myself. is a free service that helps keep you organized, despite your best efforts otherwise. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you’re driving down the road, and you suddenly remember that you’ve got to email that really important proposal to Mr Meatfist when you get back to work. But you’re driving down the road, so you can’t exactly write yourself a note. So you whip out your cell phone and call

Since you’ve already signed up, they have your number on file, so when you call, you hear the question “Who would you like to jot?”

“Me,” you reply with gusto (or without. Jott works equally well if you are feeling gustoful or not).

Then you hear a beep and leave yourself a message. Jott responds with “Got it,” and you can hang up. Now, when you get to the office, a text version of the voicemail you left is waiting in your email, and they’ve also attached an audio file that you can listen to if the transcription doesn’t look exactly right.

I’ve really gotten some use out of this lately; it’s helped me remember several things that would otherwise have gone undone. You can even add friends to your Jott contacts, which will enable you to send them emails about things while you’re away from your computer.

I really recommend signing up for it… and did I mention it’s free?


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