Jerk Sues Dry Cleaners for Fat Wad of Cash

Has anybody heard about this story?

A law judge is representing himself in his $54 million lawsuit against a dry cleaning business. Apparently, this unfortunate individual took 4 pairs of suit pants to a dry cleaners run by Korean immigrants who don’t speak English. They had a sign at the counter that said “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” but when he returned for his pants, they had lost one of the pairs.

Understandably, he has suffered extreme mental trauma and distress. The judge for the case is expected to rule by the end of the week.

You know, I would have thought this whole thing was some SNL skit or something, if it hadn’t been so funny.


5 thoughts on “Jerk Sues Dry Cleaners for Fat Wad of Cash

  1. Nothing warms the heart more than a judge filing a frivolous lawsuit…

    I would watch that skit. When he questions himself, does he have to constantly switch from sitting sitting in the stand to standing on the floor?

  2. I just read about this while I was surfing the net here at work. The judge (the ruling one) has already thrown out the same day service sign and will rule on the satisfaction garunte sign by next week. I found it interesting that when he first sued he was basically broke from going through a divorce and out of work collecting unemployement checks.

  3. Sheesh…
    I read that article, and I think that Philip K. Howard of Common Good is exactly right when he talks about the ridiculous state we’ve let our society get too. Whatever happened to common sense?

  4. Hey Nate. This isn’t related to your post, but I just wanted to express my deepest condolences for Lovey.

    …Good luck with that.

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