Young Padawans


Strong in the Lazy Side, they are. Like their fathers before them…


13 thoughts on “Young Padawans

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  2. Actually, Lauren, the color of one’s lightsaber is no indication of one’s strength in the Force. Typically, blue lightsabers are carried by Jedi Guardians, and green lightsabers are carried by either Consulars or Sentinels (I forget which…) i don’t know whether I should be proud or ashamed for knowing this….

    Great picture, Nate! You got Caleb and Madelyn, the cabin, and Star wars all in one pic!

  3. Nathan I was thinking the same thing (you posted just seconds before I did)…shame on you Ryley. He’s the largest object in the picture! No insult intended Papa.
    Also, Ryley, I believe your information regarding lightsabers is from the Knights of the Old Republic game not the original Star Wars movies. (I know, I know, the color of the lightsaber doesn’t correspond to one’s strength in the force…so some say.) But Madelyn truely is strong in the force; she even dreams about “Sty Wars”, so she has said at breakfast…
    Really, she would have just wanted the blue one (unless pink had been an option) and since both Madelyn and her daddy have a strong connection through the force he knew this and decided accordingly.

  4. Ahh… Good points, Lauren. The Force is strong with our whole family, although I’m sure that Madelyn has somewhat better concentration than Caleb at this point. 😉 I don’t know about pink, but if it were up to me, I would have given her a purple lightsaber. And yes, of course it’s good that Dad is in the picture too. I just thought that went without saying…. I mean, he is the paterfamilius, after all.

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