Just wanted to drop a quick line and let everyone know that I’m not dead (though our friends at Schwan’s may be disappointed), I’ve just been ridiculously busy.

This month is going to be pretty crammed for me because in addition to my work and family life, I’m trying to fit a semester’s worth of learning into one month.  I’m taking 2 night classes right now (one is on C# for the MicroSoft .net platform, and the other is a database management class).  Anyway, I go to work around 6:30 or 7 in the morning, then go to school from 5:30 – 10 Monday thru Thursday nights.

Involving myself in such unlazy activities has caused me to reduce my posts on this beloved site.  Plus, I just haven’t had the time to do anything with it.

Anyway, if you will continue your patience a little while longer, I should be back to my usual number of posts by early August.  And I’ll keep throwing the occasional one out there between now and then.

So in the immortal words of ol’ Jack Burton, “Just sit tight, hold down the fort, and keep the home fires burning. If I’m not back by dawn, call the President.”


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