I Love Microsoft!!!!

My wife just called me because I have a package waiting for me at home. As you may know from my earlier posts here and here, I bought a USED XBox 360 a while back that ended up not working.

After showing it some “towel love” I got it to work for a little while, but it soon died again. Recently, Microsoft announced that it would extend the warranties on the 360’s for up to 3 yrs from the date of purchase, so like hundreds or thousands of others, I shipped my unit off, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best.

Microsoft received it on July 18, and they said it could take 4-6 weeks to get it back. Well, today, I got a package from them, but it wasn’t my 360.


What’s more, they even threw in a free month of Xbox Live and updated my record with the new unit’s serial number!

I’m truly impressed at this level of customer service. Microsoft did the right thing with their customers by extending the warranty, but going ahead and swapping the unit out for a new one is truly fantastic. I think I’ll be sticking with their platforms for a long time to come!

Thank you Bill Gates!


6 thoughts on “I Love Microsoft!!!!

  1. My issue with the length of time however is that if they are sending everyone new 360’s, why does it take so long?

    Mine tanked a couple weeks before the “epidemic” of red lights hit, so I got a new one in about 2 weeks.

    I do agree that they are doing quite a bit for the consumer and a huge cost to them.

  2. I guess they’re just waiting to get it in and make sure it’s really the “ring of death” before they send someone a new system. Either way, I’m happy! I got to play Oblivion last night! 😀

  3. I had previous experience with sending a unit in. I got a new one back within about 3 and a 1/2 weeks. Now, that one is acting up a little bit and I’m going to send it in when I get a chance to actually arrange to do so. I too have been impressed with Microsoft’s customer service regarding this issue. They don’t really have a great reputation on that front, but they have really tried to do right in this situation. Good for them. Good for us.

  4. I’m happy for you, but I just can’t bring myself to sing M$ praises on this one. I just wonder what type of system they tested with vs. what they shipped out.

    They’ve lost some serious cash on this issue…it’d be interesting to hear the reasoning behind it all.

    Anywho, enjoy some Elder Scrolls…and I hear the new Halo will be out soon. If you can ever play on the xbox live network from a PC (or the other way around), I’m there.

  5. Well….we just got the box in the mail today to ship ours back! Maybe we will get a new one, too. My only fear is that sometimes the “ring of death” is three red lights and other times all four are flashing! I hope we get a new one!!!!! Good for you, Nate.

    I don’t see microsoft having much luck with future gaming systems. I am sure most people would be afraid to buy from them again. However, if they keep up the good cutomer service than maybe people will buy from them again. Who knows!!

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