A Full Moon in the Middle of the Day

About a week ago, I was running a route along I-20, east of Birmingham, and I happened upon a State Trooper parked behind a bluish-silver Crown Vic. I was cruising somewhere between 60 and 70 miles an hour, so I didn’t see enough to figure out exactly what was going on, but I still managed to see much more than I wanted.

The trooper was standing on the passenger side of the Crown Vic — I don’t know if anyone else was in the car or not. But standing beside the driver’s side of the car was a middle aged guy wearing nothing but a T-shirt.  Yeah, you read that right. He might have had on a ball cap too; in fact, I prefer to visualize it that way. Seems funnier, somehow.

I had driven by before I truly realized what I had seen, and then I immediately called Lauren, because this news just had to be shared with someone. I can’t even begin to speculate what might have brought about that turn of events. I don’t know if the cop actually had to pull this guy over, or if he had just been sitting on the side of the road. All I know is that he was standing on the shoulder of a 3-lane interstate with his large rear end facing traffic.

How do you handle that as a cop?  If you cuff him, do you opt to let him leave his hands in front?  I’m sure that telling the guy to “spread ’em” would be awfully low on the list of things to do.  I imagine it’s cases like this that get left out of the State Trooper recruitment videos.

I doubt this was what they had in mind when they rolled out “Take Back Our Highways.”


3 thoughts on “A Full Moon in the Middle of the Day

  1. Ya, but think of it this way: When he came in off of shift and all of his buddies were swaping stories about their day of work, this guy had to be chuckling to himself, knowing that he held the trump card of the day. Being an LEO really would be a wild ride at times, as it seems being a delievery guy for CEXP can be. Very creative title for the post by the way, kudos.

  2. “Turn off the vehicle and get out with your hands up!”

    “Yes sir, officer”

    “Drop the weapon and get on the ground, NOW!”

    “um, I can’t drop it…don’t shoot! (whimpering)

    “311, we have a code brown!”

    That’s the way I like to think it went down…perhaps followed by a roadside footchase? …or something else to jazz up the arrest. Good stuff.

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