Who Is Chris? Why Is He Here?

I saw a billboard with those questions on it this morning as I drove north on I-65.

I’m just as clueless as you.


11 thoughts on “Who Is Chris? Why Is He Here?

  1. Apparently there are at least 5 of those signs up here in the Cullman/Decatur AL area. No one knows what they are about either.

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  3. I have been wondering about that one too.

    My father told me an ad campaign that appeared on a billboard in Birmingham when I was a kid. He said it read, “Beat your wife today.” Then, after the media got hold of it, below the first sentence they added, “Go bowling!” Understandably, it did not go over well.

  4. WILL SOMEBODY FIGURE THIS OUT PLEASE. My sister called me and brought this to my attention and ever since we’ve been searching for an answer to no avail and it’s driving me nuts!

  5. A representative for Lamar Outdoor Signs said it is an advertisement meant to drum up business for the billboard company. Plain and simple.

    Mystery Solved!

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