Salt Water Could Be Fuel of Future

This article might be old news to some of you, but a scientist has accidentally discovered a way to burn salt water using radio frequencies. That’s right, burn salt water.

In a way, I suppose it makes sense: water’s made up of hydrogen and oxygen, both of which burn. It sounds like there’s some potential here. After all, salt water’s the most abundant resource on earth. If we could start powering our cars with it, that should really free up some disposable income for us.

If this technology amounts to anything, it will still probably take some time. But I really hope that bio-fuels, or hybrids, or something becomes practical for everyone soon. There are tons of benefits, but in my opinion, the biggest one is in cutting out our funding of terrorism. If we aren’t relying on the Middle East’s oil, then that should help take care of most of the problems we’re experiencing over there.


3 thoughts on “Salt Water Could Be Fuel of Future

  1. Man, glad to see ya posting again. This is interesting to say the least. Anything that will ease my gas bill each month is alright with me.

    But hey, did we ever figure out who cris was or what he is doing?

  2. I’m not familiar with all of the details on this, but I’ve heard Granddaddy say before that back in WWII, there were vehicles that ran on water….

    You have to remember though, that the people who run oil companies here in the States tend to be pretty powerful, and most of them are not interested in alternative fuel sources. This is going to take a lot of people putting the greater good above their own interests, and the government stepping up and promoting the research of alternative sources of fuel.

  3. I have three posts on this subject at: saltwater-into-fire”

    as of now it looks like the process is not net posititve for energy producton. however, it has not yet been obitmized so that 1.) the most rw is abosorbed (the issue is just like sunlight.) 2.) the best pattern and frequency of radio wave is introduced to the saltwater. 3.) the best concentration of salt & or other elements in

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