Sci-Fi Caskets?

ShowMeSciFi has posted an article about Star Trek caskets. That’s right, just like the one Spock got launched into space with in Star Trek II.

But the funny thing is that this reminds me of a conversation I had with my brother, Josh, last week. We were talking about different kinds of coffins, and he said he had thought about a Star Wars coffin, specifically, one that would have him frozen in carbonite, like Han Solo.

I mean, if that’s not dignified, what is?


3 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Caskets?

  1. Morbid and geeky…What more could one want?

    P.S. Love the blog and concept…As I possess more than my share of this “side” you speak of. I’ve yet to determine if there is an upside to it, but I sure see a down.

  2. Oh, there’s always an upside to laziness 🙂

    In fact, in its own way, I think it can motivate one to work, which helps fund those lazy tendencies…

    Thanks for checking out the blog. I’ve been reading some of your stuff too – I like it so far. I’ve always been very interested in history, though I don’t know enough of it to spout off about it.

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