Striking Out

Ok, how many times have you read about somebody striking a match on their thumbnail?  Or maybe their teeth, or pavement, etc?  Have you ever seen anybody actually do it?  I’ve tried it before, on my thumbnail and on my teeth.  I get nothing.

If you’ve ever had luck with this, let me know.  Because right now, my faith in westerns and hard-boiled detective novels is starting fail me.  I mean, if this isn’t true, who knows what else might be exaggerated too?!


3 thoughts on “Striking Out

  1. I have seen it done. However, the person did get burned (with the thumb technique). It took them a few matches to get it going because they kept on snapping the heads off.

  2. You’re looking for “strike-anywhere matches”. These were the only kind back in the day and hence are most always used in westerns. They were extremely dangerous since any sort of quick, jarring motion could set them off if they had enough air to burn. I wouldn’t want to jump up and down with a pocket full.

    More info here:

  3. Ok, that makes sense. And it actually reminds me of a story my grandfather told me once. Apparently, when he was in school, some kid in his class had a bunch of the matches wrapped together in a rubber band and stuffed in his back pocket. It was quite a pyrotechnics show.

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