Okay… Cure for Hiccups Unveiled…

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve done anything here…  WordPress has even updated their dashboard.  Kind of threw me off for a minute.

Right now, I’m sitting in the computer lab for UAB‘s School of Business working on a take home final for my last programming class in C#. I’m working on a little project that combines web development (ASP.NET) with database manipulation (ADO.NET), and I’m feeling a little frustrated. Maybe later I’ll post the link for anyone who might like to see it (though it’s not much to look at).

Anyway, this frustration reminded me to write about two things that seem to irritate most people, but that I think I’ve found a solution for.

The first is hand dryers in public bathrooms. Usually, when people use these, they hold their hands under them for a few minutes, and then resignedly wipe their hands on their pants. I was the same way. But a few years ago, I happened to read (and follow) the directions printed on the dryer and discovered the crucial hand-drying step I had been overlooking all these years.

Rub hands vigorously.

You see, the warm air is not supposed to dry your hands completely on its own. Instead, you’ll find that if you rub your hands together while you’re holding them under the air vent, they dry quite nicely. It’s the combination of the warm air from the dryer and the friction of rubbing your hands together that does the trick. Try it next time…

Of course, if you’re using one of these newer hand dryers that has harnessed the power of a typhoon, then there’s no need to rub your hands. Just keep an eye on them and make sure your skin doesn’t fly away.

The other thing that has always been the bane of man’s existence is the hiccup. Well, I have found the cure.

Seriously, give up all that drinking water, holding your breath, having people scare you, standing on your head nonsense. I figured out how to cure these things several years ago. It takes some self-control, but it’s really not too hard to accomplish.

First of all, hiccupping is caused by involuntary muscle movements in your abdomen. Being involuntary, you can’t control them — at least not directly… I theorized that if you could calm your body down, starting with the muscles you can control, then the rest of your body should be able to catch up.

The best way to get rid of these things is to lie down and close your eyes. Then, you want to concentrate on your breathing. Take slow, even breaths and try to relax every muscle in your head, face, and neck. Then relax your shoulders, your arms, your chest, your stomach, etc, all the way down your body. Simply relax completely and even out your breathing. Try not to think about the hiccups. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll realize that you don’t have them anymore.

This takes a little practice, depending on how good you are at relaxing. Since I excel at laziness, this isn’t too hard for me. But for you over-acheivers and Type A people out there, this might take a little practice. Don’t get frustrated, just relax and enjoy it.

And let me know if it works for you… I never have trouble getting rid of them anymore, and it even works for my 4 year old daughter.

Take it easy, and I hope to post again soon!


2 thoughts on “Okay… Cure for Hiccups Unveiled…

  1. I can vouch for the effectiveness of the hiccup cure. When you first told me about this, I thought you were just trying to trick me into doing something stupid for your own amusement (you know, like the time you and Josh tried to give me a paper cut) but then I actually tried it and it works! Way to go Nate, way to go.

  2. I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of your method but it does make perfect sense. I have always been able to control hiccups when i get them, I rarely, if ever, hiccup more than once. I just close my eyes for a second and kind of re-centre myself with a slow, shallow breath. hey presto no more hiccups. I have tried to teach my little girl this trick but as i am not really sure what it is am doing it’s kind of fruitless!

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