The Lord of the Sloth behind this blog…

Hi there!  My name’s Nathan, and I’m a master of the lazy side of the force.  Like others of my calling, I don’t sport Sith robes or Jedi robes; bath robes are cool with me.  My appearance is rather slovenly, as you would expect from one who embodies the lazy side. I don’t shave often, though I do bathe regularly. I do that mostly for fear of my personal safety (my wife).

I’m married to a beautiful force adept (Lauren) who leans more toward the light side than anything else (she’s definitely not tempted by the lazy side!).  My two daughters seem to be mastering it quite nicely, and my son just might be the laziest of us all. True power lies in laziness.  Plus, it’s a whole lot easier.  And more comfortable.

May the Force be with you.


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